Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm alive. And so is everyone else. We're super busy in the Barton house, which is nothing new. I still suck at blogging, but for the two people who read this, I figured an update was long overdue.

Speaking of being due...I'm 30 weeks today so I've got another 12 until this baby is here. Did I mention yet that I want some 42-week vibes coming my way? That would make this baby's birthday 8/9/10 and Chuck's birthday is 10/9/08. How fun! We don't know the sex of this baby and I'm really enjoying the surprise.

Greg and I are both working temporary jobs for the Census Bureau, him as an enumerator and me as a crew leader. He's going out meeting with people who didn't send in their questionnaire and I'm supervising my own crew of people who are doing the same thing. So if you didn't send yours in, watch for someone knocking on your door to drag the info out of you! The work has kept me plenty busy on top of being a mom and wife. I am taking a break from teaching childbirth classes and working as a doula until the first of the year so I have time to enjoy this little one though.

The kids are out of school on Thursday and they are excited about all the end-of-year fun, but haven't said much about summer break. We're planning on swimming at the Washington City Community Center pretty much every day so I can tolerate the summer. :D Hopefully it will keep the kids busy enough too so they don't end up bored before school starts again.

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