Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe It's In HERE!!!

Ok, so I have a theory on why there is no baby here yet...MAYBE I AM THE PREGNANT ONE! Let's look at the facts here people...on second thought lets leave facts out of this, what have they ever done for us any way. Maybe my wife just has a VERY strong affinity for carmel apples! There is the possibility that she just can't get enough of my cooking, and always wants more! I am the miserable one here, the stretch marks, the back pains, the mood swings, the strange cravings...I just don't know what is going on with my body these days!
Hear anything honey? THERE IT WAS! Did you feel it kick you?

What? That was just gas? You mean...It is ME that is just fat?
"DADDY!!!!" The kids all yell in exacerbated frustration at my foolishness.

I suppose you are right, I have no superpowers like my wonderful wife. I am sure my wife is excited to give birth to our 6th child...and raise all 7 of us. My wife is so amazing. She has a 40 pound bag of water and baby parts strapped to her, and she still has time to love me, take care of our kids, do her transcription AND Gagina classes, keep the house clean, and she even finds time in there somewhere to sleep!

I love you Wifey!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Baby Yet

I just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't had my baby yet. I'm not really feeling anxious about being done either. I'm just waiting until this baby is ready to come on its own and I'm actually enjoying this last bit of pregnancy. I really like being pregnant and I know I'm going to miss it so I'm trying not to take it for granted. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. I'll let you know as soon as the baby comes (well, as soon as I'm feeling up to it!) :O)

37 weeks

38 weeks

My beautiful henna tattoo. Once the henna peeled off it turned a light brown color (much lighter than this) and will stay on for 2-3 weeks. It's fun to feel like my belly is beautiful right now and this only cost me $20! It took about 15-20 minutes - she is an AMAZING artist. Let me know if you want her number...it's a fun way to celebrate your pregnancy. :O)

39 weeks and holding

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So, today marks the seven year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country. I have been going back and forth on whether I should post my thoughts in such a public forum. I have decided that there is no better way to honor those who lost their lives than to allow them to reach through the years and touch our lives today.

Today has brought back memories of what I was doing that morning, as I am sure it has to you as well. I was serving in military intelligence at that time, and I was like everyone else - I watched this whole thing unfold live on CNN. After the first crash we were not put on alert simply because no one knew for sure what was going on. But 15 minutes before the second plane hit the towers, we were placed on full alert. We all watched with bated breath as the second tower was hit, followed by feelings of horror mixed with rage.

I have deep feelings of respect for the people of our country as I think back on how such a thing brought us together so quickly. However, it has been heart wrenching to see such stark lines drawn in the sand over the past seven years. To hear political posturing and the leaders of our great nation speaking of our actions overseas as if we were a country of tyranny brings a spirit of sadness and foreboding for the future.
I am proud of our troops and the sacrifices they are willing to make in order to keep our land free of other such incidents. I am POSITIVE that we have no idea how many plots have been found out, and subsequently spoiled before they ever reached our soil. I thank God on a daily basis for the relative peace we have enjoyed in our homes. Thank you for allowing me a medium to express my feelings regarding this somber day.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last week while Greg was up in Salt Lake for his monthly enrollment counselor meeting, Anthony told me there was a spider on the Love Sac. I hoped it was dead, but no...sadly it was VERY alive. It was about the size of a nickel {the pictures don't do it justice} and was crawling toward the edge. I knew I had to take care of it, but I'm not terribly fond of spiders. I don't necessarily have a phobia of spiders - they just creep me out. I wanted to take some pictures before I killed it so I could have some proof that I actually took care of it by myself {C.J. wasn't home to rescue me} :O( and when I started taking pictures of it, it moved even faster so I quickly {and bravely I might add} smashed it/picked it up with my two paper towels and hurried to throw it in the garbage. Eeewww.

This is as it's crawling away from me. Apprently it didn't like the flash!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Funny Video

I found this on Rachelle's blog and Greg and I laughed so hard that he requested I add it to our blog. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Skirt and Shirt Giveaway

Go here to create a link and be entered to win this fabulous Grosgrain: Table Cloth Skirt and Dinner Party Top

Wouldn't this look SO cute on Jamie?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hangin with the Homies

'Nuff said. Peace out.