Friday, May 30, 2008

22-week Pics

Here are my 22-week belly pics. I had them taken at the Young Musicians Choir Camp {new post regarding that awesome event will be forthcoming} at Pine View High School. They are a couple of days late because I was so busy organizing YMCC.

I wish the shirt would have been a little bit longer, but unfortunately they don't make polo shirts {for embroidery} in maternity sizes...go figure!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is this thing on?

Is anyone reading my blog? The only way I know how to tell {except for some tracker thing I've heard about but don't know the name of} that people are reading my blog is by getting comments. I don't just do this thing for me, you know. I can look at my pictures any time I want without having to add them in just the right order, wait forever for them to upload and then put some cute caption under them. So please share comments and let me know you're reading this. I'm feeling a little insecure about my blog at the moment...I think I'll go cry myself to sleep. :O(

Pics of Hailey

This is Hailey, our official oldest child {well, except for Jena...she's technically the oldest!}. She is two minutes older than Hannah {and eventually will try to use that to her advantage as well, I'm sure}. She obviously turned 6 the same day as Hannah, January 5th.

Here's Hailey's Lagoon picture.

Hailey does a wicked monkey face. :O) She gets that from me I think.

This is at Baskin Robbins after C.J.'s preschool graduation.

More of Deb's amazing work. Hailey's smile lights up her whole face!

She was definintely laughing in this one!

This is Hannah, one of the older pair; her twin is Hailey. She turned 6 on January 5th and started Kindergarten this year.

Hannah on her first day of Kindergarten.

Here is Hannah's "in-case-you-get-lost" picture. They all happened to look really cute that day!

This picture is from the day she lost her first tooth. I didn't think that was supposed to happen this early!

This is a typical sassy Hannah look. She can be so coy!

And this is what she looks like when you really get her laughing. Good job Deb!

Pics of C.J.

This is my handsome little twin sandwich, C.J. He turned 5 on February 18th. He's finally figuring out what it means to be a "twin sandwich" and to be the only singleton (so far) of our kids.

I am letting his hair grow long so he can have the hip new look that I think will look so good with his unusually large head and think hair. So we rocked it out a little for this picture. I tried to get him to do the Kiss pose, but he wasn't down.

Don't you just love when the kids get a hold of the camera and take the most random pictures? I had to show off this Hulk/WWF wrestler one that one of his sisters took of him. I know it's blurry, but you get the idea. :O)

Here he is at preschool graduation on 4/23/08. {I had just changed the battery on the camera and forgot to update the date.} What a handsome little man!

My kid should seriously be a freakin' model. He's gonna be a real ladies man, especially with those dimples!

Another cute model pose. Not that I'm biased or anything. :O)

Pics of Anthony

Here is Anthony, the other side of the younger pair. He is also 3 {duh!} and is technically older than Jamie by two minutes. I'm sure once he knows what that means, he will figure out how to use it to his advantage!

Here is his picture from our Lagoon trip...just in case he got lost. {See the post Pics of Jamie}

Just being cute in my poor, neglected office.

My sister, Krista, took this one with her awesome camera. {Insert jealous overtone}

More amazing pictures by Funny Face Photography.

He's my little thumb sucker. I'm pretty sure he was sucking his thumb in the womb. I figure he'll quit before he heads off to college so I'm not too worried about it. Luckily I've only had one out of five be a thumb sucker. My mom ended up with FOUR out of five!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pics of Jamie

I thought I would put up some recent pictures of my kids individually for those who have not met them or not seen them for a long time. We'll start with Jamie and work our way up. :O) Jamie turned 3 on March 23rd and is one of a pair - Anthony is her twin.

This picture was taken when we went to Lagoon as a family. We all wore bright yellow T-shirts and I took pictures of all the kids in case one should get lost. That way we could show what the child looks like and what s/he was wearing. Good idea, huh? This is the kind of stuff you think about when you have a big family. ;O)

I have NO idea what this face is, but I thought it was cute enough to share.

This one was taken at Sand Hollow after swimming for C.J.'s 5th birthday.

Doesn't Deb do amazing work!? These were taken in November of 2007.

Here's Jamie trying to look innocent. Don't buy it for a second though...she can be pretty mischevious!

Strawberry Jam

So here's the first sign that Greg is in the kitchen. ALL the cupboards get left open! I don't know if it's a guy thing or a Greg thing, but maybe in his mind it just takes too much time to shut the darn thing, especially when he's busy cooking.

Mmmm...strawberries from Costco. They were SO sweet! And I bought enough for him to make about 20 jars. A bit excessive, you say? Well, my family went through one jar in just over a day, so hopefully this will at least last us through the summer.

Here's Greg shaking the chopped strawberries. C.J. said it makes his face shake when he does it, but that was not quite captured in this picture.

Here are my boys cookin' in the kitchen {but not with Dina}. Interestingly enough, the girls were out working on cleaning the garage while they were making jam. Talk about role reversal! :O)

This is three of the four batches...he was still adding to the fourth when I took the picture.

Boiling the strawberries and all that yummy sugar {I try not to think about how much sugar is actually in it}. Greg has many burns to show from this part of the process. :O(

The finished product! {Minus the jar we already finished, the one in the fridge and the five jars he still has to make from the batch that is sitting in the fridge.}

Yay for homemade strawberry jam!

Pink eye...or got high?

Greg either discovered the results of rolling a doobie with half marijuana and half oregano, or he has pink be the judge. He's been miserable since Saturday night. He couldn't sleep all night, waking up every 45 minutes. He did not discover why he had such a short night until the next morning when he looked in the mirror and realized he looked like he drank only half of a gin and tonic. We were thinking that the bacteria is to blame for the zit above that same eye as well. :O)

Greg showing us how he feels about having pink eye.... :O(

Unfortunately {or fortunately I guess}, the pink eye bug has already made the rounds in our house. I watch my nephew, Gavin, while my sister works and he brought it to us. All of my kids had it at one point, but only Jamie had it this bad. And I'm thinking it's kind of like chicken pox in that it's worse when you get it as an adult. Either that or Greg is a total wuss! He got it on Memorial Day weekend, which is a bummer because you can't get in to see a doctor for a prescription. We were going to try some natural treatments, but he was just too miserable and we happen to know an M.D. who wrote us a prescription yesterday {Jay's dad}. So after a few drops and some much-needed rest, Greg is feeling much better today. So we're off to the park for a picnic with some family.

Happy Memorial Day! {Is that even okay to say considering why we "celebrate" the "holiday?"}


This is our good friend, Jay, who came home from his mission to Chile on Friday. We are SO excited to have him back because now we have someone to play Mario Kart with again! :O)

Jay and Hailey at his open house after the "homecoming," which we all know is now just a regular ol' talk.See my other post to find out why Greg looks like a pirate. AARRRGGGHHH! ;O)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Swelling :O(

I've had some swelling already in this pregnancy, which I think is directly related to the increased heat lately. Here's what my cute little feet normally look like {sorry for the unpedicured toes...not something you get to do much when you've got five little kids}.

And here's what they looked like last night before I went to bed. I'd been sitting at my computer blogging {entirely too late!} and didn't have my feet elevated. :O(

So now I'm drinking tons of water and making sure I keep my feet up. Greg let me sleep in this morning and then made French toast for breakfast/lunch. :O) Isn't he just the coolest!?

Edit: I updated pictures because these show the true swelling better.

Friday, May 23, 2008


If you have not tried a Frazil yet, you should! I don't know if it's a pregnancy craving or the heat, but I'm addicted to the Tiger's Blood Frazil. Most gas stations have them by their drinks. I've found quite a few places in town that have them. {I even found some places that sell them in 32-ounce cups!} Mmmmm....I want one now. Too bad it's too late for one. :O( Maybe tomorrow!

Pregnant Pictures

I want to use this blog to keep everyone updated on the size of my ever-growing belly, so I'll start with a picture of me a few days ago at 21 weeks and compare it to my 5-week picture.
I got the shirt here. I bought a couple of other cute ones so I'll try to get pics in those soon.
And here's me at 5 weeks. What a big change already. You'd think my body knows how to do this whole pregnancy thing or something!

Cute Layout

How cute is my blog??? I found this link from Nikki where you can get FREE layouts and they're super cute! They are pre-designed pages, which works great for beginners like me. Maybe eventually I will upgrade to the do-it-yourself kind. :O)

I'm going to work on my blogging skills in the next little while so hopefully it won't look so retarded all the time. I have fun pics I can put up of my kids and my growing belly so I'll do my best to edumucate myself on this whole blogging thing.

Wish me luck!

Friday, May 9, 2008

C.J.'s Preschool Graduation

It seems like there is (unfortunately) a graduation for EVERYTHING
these days and preschool is no different. However, it was a fun event and it's
so cute that since he went to the Dixie State College preschool, he got to wear
an actual cap and gown (minature sized, of course) and walk through a tiny D. I
know the time will fly and before I know it, these will be pictures of a real
graduation. :O)