Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preggo Pics

Since I don't have the software to make those cool collages, I finally figured out how to post a slideshow of my belly pics so here it is. This will catch everyone up from my 23-week pictures.

I know, I know - I'm HUGE! Strangers tell me all the time with stupid comments like, "Any day now, huh?" "Wow! You're REALLY pregnant!" and "You look like you're ready to pop!" People really should think before they speak.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pawden Jox

I discovered again this morning that my children evidently watch entirely too many movies. Luckily we do not have satellite service in the house anymore so I don't have to worry about what exactly they're watching, but we watch our fair share of movies.

I need to include the disclaimer that this may not be as funny when it's typed because it was what I HEARD Anthony say that made it so funny. I'll do my best to recreate this moment though.

My sweet 3-year-old Anthony came in from watching the girls go to school this morning and said in his most serious and surprised tone, "Mom! There's pawden jox outside!" I was completely confused by this statement and all I could come up with was "What?" So he repeated himself, emphasizing it this time: "There's pawden jox outside!" Still perplexed, I heard C.J. pipe up from the kitchen to correct his brother. "They're not pollen jocks Anthony. They're bees."

Thanks Bee Movie. Now my kid doesn't even know what a bee is.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going backwards...that's how I roll!

So, it's the jolly fat man at the keyboard once again. It has been a while since the unmasked crusader has been on. I was looking through the plethora of available photos to comment on, and realized I had never talked about our kids' first time on the back of a horse! We met our good friends Jeff and Vickie from Las Vegas up at Pine Valley for a break from the heat. They brought up their three horses and our kids loved it!

This is Ninja C.J. on Lady with Vickie

Here is Hailey with Jeff on...some other horse (give me a break, that was two months ago! I can't even remember what I had for dinner yesterday!)

"Look Mom! I'm so cute they let me go by myself!"

Hannah's turn with Jeff. It is fun to see the differences between Hannah and Hailey when it comes to adventure! Hannah was ready to take off without Jeff on a full gallop, while Hailey was ok with a leisurely stroll down the driveway and back.

So here is our little cowboy...I couldn't decide between the horse picture, or this one in Jeff's hat Then in hit me. I AM IN CONTROL! Both it is.


Here is Pregasaurus. She had to stand on this huge rock just to get on the horse. We almost had to give Vickie a horse tranquilizer just to relax enough about Janet to let her even get on one.

The Wife had fun, but was severely disappointed when her ride ended up being as long as Hailey's! Down and back, nothing extravagant, but she still got to ride. Doesn't she look like a natural?

So, the common theme I am sure you all noticed...Yes, I do NOT ride horses. I was getting FREAKED out every time the butt of a horse was aimed at me...I just knew they were going to kick me in the head. I was sitting in a chair, and one of the horses turned her back towards me and I thought for sure I had earned myself a horseshoe shaped face. Luckily I am a wimp for no good reason at all.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby Countdown

At the request of a friend, I decided I would finally give in and put up a baby ticker. But I really didn't like the ones where the baby is floating in the fluid - they kind of creep me out. So I looked online for something different and found this one here. You can change the background color to blue, pink, green or a yellow-gold. There are other types of badges too, but I liked this one the best. Now you can all keep tabs on how much longer we'll have to wait for this little one to arrive. :O) Happy waiting...I know I'll be enjoying the next 10-11 weeks!