Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe It's In HERE!!!

Ok, so I have a theory on why there is no baby here yet...MAYBE I AM THE PREGNANT ONE! Let's look at the facts here people...on second thought lets leave facts out of this, what have they ever done for us any way. Maybe my wife just has a VERY strong affinity for carmel apples! There is the possibility that she just can't get enough of my cooking, and always wants more! I am the miserable one here, the stretch marks, the back pains, the mood swings, the strange cravings...I just don't know what is going on with my body these days!
Hear anything honey? THERE IT WAS! Did you feel it kick you?

What? That was just gas? You mean...It is ME that is just fat?
"DADDY!!!!" The kids all yell in exacerbated frustration at my foolishness.

I suppose you are right, I have no superpowers like my wonderful wife. I am sure my wife is excited to give birth to our 6th child...and raise all 7 of us. My wife is so amazing. She has a 40 pound bag of water and baby parts strapped to her, and she still has time to love me, take care of our kids, do her transcription AND Gagina classes, keep the house clean, and she even finds time in there somewhere to sleep!

I love you Wifey!


Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

hahaha, you are so funny Greg!
You picked a great one, Janet!

JBAR said...

Oh Greg you are so dang funny. Janet how do you handle him!

Danielle and Fam said...

Cute/funny pics! Ummmm that baby needs to come now though, don't you think?

Spence and Julie Kohler said...

Love the new pictures!! Greg, you crack me up, thanks for the supportive comments on my post. :)
Yeah, sometimes the hormonal lady (me) just has to rant!

ashlynn said...

seriously - I want to see this baby

Janet said...

Patience is a virtue. :O) Besides, I'm the one that's still pregnant!

Jennifer B said...

OK ~ That is funny. Sometimes I think Casey really thinks he is the one that is having to "go through" my pregnancy. Greg is awesome!! Love how it puts a fun twist on things. I am so glad you are lovin being pregnant and realize what a blessing it is. Love you!!

Like you told me last time ~ No woman was ever pregnant forever and it really is such a short time. We need to enjoy every minute we have!!

steph said...

Such a cute, fun, adorable post!!! LOVE it!!! Love you guys... can't wait to see you all in person someday. It has been WAY too long!

The Huang Family said...

Your belly is amazing!!!