Monday, October 6, 2008

Still going...

I don't have any new pictures to post since I usually take those on Wenesdays, but I wanted to let all inquiring minds know that yes, I'm still pregnant. I'm going on six days "overdue" ( this baby's got a CALENDAR in there!) and I've even beat my personal record since C.J. was born at 2:08 pm on the 5th day past his due date. Yay for a new record!

I'm doing great. I'm still loving being pregnant and although I'm anxious to enjoy my baby and revel in the fun newborn sounds, nursing, and cuddling, I'm still not anxious to be done with pregnancy.

Greg, on the other hand, is getting really impatient. :O) He calls from work multiple times a day to see if anything is happening. He's also dragged me on a walk for the past three or four nights, constantly offering nipple stimulation when he's around me. :O) He has admitted that part of it is that he's ready for the time off work. (Don't tell Jon!) I'm just content to let this baby come when it's ready, whenever that is.

I'll try to post as soon as I can after the birth because I know you're all waiting anxiously to hear the news. Thanks for thinking of us - keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we approach this wonderful birth.


Sarah said...

He is so thougtful to offer you his services. :)

I wish all of us UoP wives were having babies soon, then we could just close the campus and have a big vacation. lol

Congrats on your personal best! Call me if you feel like maybe going to lunch or something.

Greg said...

Anything happening yet?