Monday, February 2, 2009


So I wanted to follow Janet's example and make a "thankful" post.

I am humbled, and EXTREMELY grateful that English is my native language! I have had the opportunity to study languages ranging from Pig-Latin all the way to Mandarin Chinese...and I can't imagine trying to learn some of the stupid rules that we have.

When I was learning Chinese, there were set rules...and if there were exceptions to those rules then you could COUNT on a consistent following of said exception, not just on Tuesdays or holidays. The "i before e" rule comes to mind, and a skit by Brian Regan (Check it out on You Tube).

A couple of weeks ago I had an experience with spelling names different ways...which led to why words like "should" and "shoulder" sound so drastically different while looking so similar.
While teasing our brains on how to change things up a bit and spell our names with crazy variation, one of our friends held up a card with these five letters:


She said this is how we should spell fish from now on.

I was as baffled as you probably are right now, so here is her reasoning:

The “F” sound in laugh
The “I” sound in women
The “SH” sound in nation.


English sucks.


Sarah said...

I love your post. I'm thankful I know English, it sucks.

steph said...

Jaja! So true, but what does that mean for me having a hard time learning spanish? No, Wait... don't answer that, jaja! I totally admire you for knowing Mandarin! That is still sooo awesome! I still think Japanese is easier than spanish... maybe the asian languages...are easier? hah!