Thursday, January 28, 2010

STOP THE PRESS's a new blog post. {Just for you, Jaylyn!}

I don't have anything interesting to write about other than my new haircut, Greg's new job, our new baby on the way, Hailey having no front teeth, our giant "puppy," the need for a 12-passenger van, and my insomnia, but I'll share nonetheless.

Greg's working at Turning Leaf Wellness Center again after parting ways with University of Phoenix at the end of October. It's been a rough ride financially so far but we're hopeful for the future. And we've still got our eye on China - it's just a matter of finding a job, obtaining 9 passports/visas, finding a place to live, and paying $1,000+ per plane ticket. Oh yeah, and the dog.

The new baby is due in August. We're not finding out if it's a boy or a girl until we can see with our own eyes. :O) This new baby is requiring we get some new wheels. We thought briefly about getting a suburban, but we would FILL it. No sense in never having the option to take someone else with us and worrying about trunk space when we travel. So...we're going to get a beast of a van when we get our tax return. Hooray!

Our "puppy" is now 9 months old and HUGE. She's grown about as tall as she will get but will continue to put on weight and get even heavier. Not that we lift her anyway. Our chiropractor would frown on that. She's a great protector of our family and we don't feel like killing her all the time anymore...potty training has helped immensely with that.

I can't sleep and that's why you're blessed with a new blog post. I would put pictures of my new haircut and the dog up but Blogger is being stupid and telling me the link to add a picture is broken. :/ Check me out on Facebook to see the updated look.

Peace out.


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AnnMarie said...

Hey, it's great to see a new post! Keep it coming!

Jennifer B said...

It is nice to see more information coming. We need to talk when you get a minute. =) Love ya!

Our Family said...

Missed your blogging!
So good to hear the latest ... holy cow you are a family always on the move :)

I think about the classes I took from you whenver I'm with my pregger pals. Loved them!

And love your posts!