Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ever wonder?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a picture of me in a Spidey Costume...

So as I check in with my sister and all other diligent bloggers, I realize that waiting for a pregnant mother of 5 children to do all the blogging could take a while.

I would like to take this opportunity to say hi to everyone! Hi!

I, along with many other unsuspecting passers-by have been sucked into the world of blogging. I used to light-haertedly laugh at others who had succomed to this exciting and fast-paced arena until I realized that I could actually keep in touch with my sister on the other side of our Nation! Bring it on!

So as I was contemplating what I should post, be it funny or sweet and tender I came across this picture of Spiderman. It brought to my mind that there are three possibilities in this picture:
1. Mr. Tuddly lost a bet with his college buddies, and had to stand on a street corner in the Spidey Suit.
2. He is part of Community theater, and this is an exercise he uses to overcome stage fright.
3. His parents were heavily involved in experimental drugs during the developmental phases of his early life.

This is a game that Janet and I play on long road trips. We watch people as we pass them, or they pass us, and we make up a story about them.

I am willing to let you all copy us though, it is a free Country. Besides with 5 2/3 children, we have to get creative on things to keep our sanity.


Juan Know Well said...

I think Sarah and I may steal your game. Usually when we're on the road we just play the "How far can I go without peeing and not cause cause kidney damage" game. It's pretty fun too.

Spence and Julie Kohler said...

Funny thing, this pic actually makes me think it could be a certian fellow in the community theatre! No relative of yours, but if you think about it, I bet you could guess who I'm thinking of... :) Other than that, I'm betting on option #3. Way to go on contributing to the blog!
Jon, watch the kidney damage, Sarah might not want to be the one changing your diaper when your old!! (but I know what you mean!!)

Kyler and Hillary said...

k this is hilarious!

Michelle said...

The only way some of us blog is because we are nutty night owls and do it at 1Am. Half the time I have to read it the next day to make sure it makes sense.....its our attempt to keep in touch. Jon constantly reminds me, did you blog it yet? Did you blog it yet? He knows if I get behind it is all over!

Sarah said...

Nice. Jon has that outfit, but he looks much sexier than that guy.