Thursday, June 18, 2009


Janet Palmer Barton thinks blogging should be more like Facebook.

Janet Palmer Barton's laundry room is completely empty. There are only two white shirts needing to be washed. :O)

Janet Palmer Barton thinks having a puppy is a LOT harder than she imagined...definitely worse than a newborn.

Janet Palmer Barton loves her awesome husband.

Janet Palmer Barton should be training for her upcoming 5k but hasn't trained since she actually finished her first one {June 6th}.

Janet Palmer Barton doesn't have a Father's Day gift for her hubby yet.

Janet Palmer Barton has been Dave Ramsey-fied and LOVES IT!

Janet Palmer Barton hates having to find babysitters. Two 7-year-olds equal one 14-year-old, right?

Janet Palmer Barton is on call. :O)

Janet Palmer Barton wishes she could blog more.

Janet Palmer Barton's daughter lost her pet snail. One day Chloe just wasn't in the jar anymore. Should she be worried? :O/

Janet Palmer Barton could think of a lot more but she'll stop there. Lots more blogging would get done if she just did it this way all the time!


jesse & mindy said...

Your family is so beautiful! That must have been scary having your baby in the hospital for surgery - I'm glad everything turned out well. It's nice to see how you have been doing the past year or so. Once again - beautiful family!!!!

Hayley said...

Question: What 5K are you running? I've been thinking of running one. I've been training, but I'm a little nervous to run with real runners (because I'm SO not one).

Devin & Ruthann said...

We just watched Marley & Me. You should watch it. It's really good.