Sunday, August 2, 2009

You should see the OTHER guy!

Ok, so I know that I never make posts anymore...but I figured what better way to come out of Blog-world seclusion than with a cool Band-Aid picture!?

"What the...?" Y'all didn't think I could read minds did you? Here are some details about the strange/funny/disgusting/interesting picture above.

I got in a fight with a piece of wood this weekend...and came off the clear victor! The only drawback to said that often times the damage dealt in violent situations is not completely one-sided. I was chopping the wood to pieces, and was out-smarted by pretending to be so tough...but when I sent the killing blow, it split open so easily that the axe went right into my finger...darn SMART wood.

This is an actual Band-Aid taken from the actual Ou'ie (spelling still under debate...but the way I see it, if we have come to the point of arguing over the correct spelling of made-up words then we have too much time on our hands). My efforts earned me a box of kindling wood, and 3 stitches. This afternoon as I was changing the Band-Aid, I saw the Smiling Anomaly letting me know that my wounds are nothing serious.


Traci said...

I absolutely love the picture at the top of your blog!

Sarah said...

I wish that was my story to tell. That's awesome!!!