Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Change, not diapers although we do plenty of that around here.

I'm just wondering if ayone else is tired of looking at the bloody Band-aid. So I think it's time for a change.

A quick update is in order. Half of my children are now in school. The girls started 2nd grade at George Washington Academy, a local charter school (and by local I mean a 45- to 50-minute drive round trip). C.J. has not been accepted yet but is 2nd on the wait list for the 1st grade. He's still at Coral Cliffs about a block away. They're all loving school so far and Anthony and Jamie seem to enjoy being at home with just us again. Chuck is "crawling"...if you can call it that. He gets from point A to point B, albeit in a really amusing fashion. He looks sort of like a seal or a walrus as he scoots on his belly, pushing with his left foot and pulling with his arms. I'm not sure he'll ever decide to crawl on his hands and knees before he walks! He's also pulling himself up on furniture, emptying the dog bowls on a regular basis (soaking himself and the floor in the process) and entertaining us all. He's got 7 teeth and loves to eat Kix.

Stefanie moved back in (our former nanny who moved in with us in March and promptly left in May for 3 months!) and we've sure loved having her back, even if she misses home. She starts her 2nd semester in the elementary education program at Dixie on the 24th. Schatzie has enjoyed having Noli around to play with. Noli tolerates her puppy antics pretty well most of the time.

Everything else is pretty much the same. Greg's new calling in church is being a ward missionary, which he seems to be enjoying the most of any calling so far. He's working hard at University of Phoenix and thinking about getting back into the master's program after a short break for my schooling.

I'm still the primary chorister in the ward and I'm really enjoying preparing for our primary program in October. I'm still doing birth stuff (and LOVING it!) but wish I could get my classes more full of pregnant couples hoping for a beautiful natural birth.

We had a fairly laid back summer. We went camping a few times although we attempted camping more times than we actually camped. We went to the Barton family reunion in Panguitch. We played at the splash pad for park day on Tuesdays, at popsicles, went, we had a pretty boring summer! We did get to go up and see Greg's side of the family when Michelle was in town, the one time we get to see them during the year. We went to the Hogle Zoo on that trip and the kids really enjoyed seeing all the animals.'s late and I'm rambling. But I thought I'd drop a little update. No promises on keeping the blog current but check me out on Facebook for more current happenings.


~..kass..~ said...

I would picture Greg great at that calling since he is such a great chatter :) Iw ill be looking you up on FB...didn't know you were there.

Michelle said...

Its fun to see what you guys are up to, since we do only get to see you guys once a year:( Don't remind me! I hope everyone is doing great!(that drive to school has to be a huge pain!)

Sarah said...

Thank you. The band-aid was making me throw up a little every time I saw it.