Sunday, June 20, 2010

Greg's Trip...Only Not a Fun One

Greg left Wednesday morning at 9:00 am to go on a trip with Brent. He got back from getting a new transmission for Hecktour in SLC at 4:00 am (he left Monday afternoon for that trip). The new transmission is a post in and of itself. What a cat poop sandwich that situation turned out to be.
So Brent needed Greg to go on the trip since his wife is 37+ weeks pregnant with #2 and #1 decided to come at 38 weeks. Brent would be away WAY too long if he had to do all the driving to Atlanta by himself. The plan was to take a truck and trailer, carrying a buggy of some sort, to Atlanta, sell the buggy and pick up some motorcycles. Well, a tire blew on the trailer somewhere in Texas. This held them up overnight since there was no place open to get the tire replaced and the spare was the wrong freakin' size. I'm so glad they were okay.
Then, when they finally got to Atlanta, the motorcycle thing fell through. So then they waited for 6+ hours for some pizza ovens from some guys that never showed up. I think there was another guy they waited on for another deal too, but finally they ended up just leaving Georgia and starting home, hoping they could find something to pick up on the way back. They lucked out and were able to pick up a truck on the way home, but the jerk who dropped it off to them left without using his magic to put the truck on the trailer, even though that's what he agreed to do. So they had to buy a hand pulley wintch thing and push/pull the trailer inch by inch up on the truck. In 100+ weather and horrible humidity. Talk about heat exhaustion.

Now mind you, they left Wednesday, got there Friday, and hadn't slept other than just trading off napping in the truck. No shower either.Fastforward to Saturday night (now they're in even worse condition), when they were back in Texas. Damn Texas. The SAME TIRE blew on the trailer A.G.A.I.N. Wow. Greg put it best when he said, "The tire Gods hate us." I'm writing this at 1:30 am Sunday and hoping Greg will be home at some point on Father's Day. Smelly, exhausted, and most likely pissy, but home nonetheless. Luckily he and Brent enjoy spending time together. Otherwise, I think they might have killed one another by now. Regarding this picture, Greg said, "I told Brent to stop looking at me like that if he tries to give me the ooglie-eye again...I'd eat his friggin' eyeballs with my new 'Hill-Billy-Bling-Bucktooth' glasses!" Good thing they had SOME fun. :D
We've missed him like a child misses their blanket (man, I hate those lyrics) this past week. It sucks being a single mom. I seriously don't know how my mother and all those other single ladies do it. Much props. And Shauntae has been a HUGE help since she got back from HER trip from hell. Check out her blog - I'm sure she'll be posting about her adventures soon. Thanks for keeping my head above water this week...and my kids' heads too. :D
Hurry home, baby!

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