Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Hate Coming Up With Titles

I feel like my posts are lame without pictures. Here goes anyway.

I got to do Young Musicians Choir Camp again this past weekend and as always, it was a blast. I enjoyed three fun-filled days with family, friends and 70 awesome kids from the area who love music. It's so fun to see the amazing talent among this group and witness the beautiful sound they are able to create as a group in just three short days. This is the first year (and certainly not the last) any of my children have been able to attend and the girls absolutely loved it. I'm sure they'll be talking about memories created there for years to come.

Just last night I was sorting through pictures for a slide show I'm preparing for my upcoming birthday party and reminiscing about my days at Idaho State University music camp in Pocatello, Idaho. As luck would have it, my friend of 27 years with whom I attended this camp for 3 or 4 years passed through St. George on her way to Las Vegas and we were able to bring back those memories together this evening. It's crazy to think how far we've come from the punk teenagers we were back then. Now we're just punks. :D

Speaking of whatever it is you were just thinking birthday bash is going to be AWESOME! I'm having my golden birthday (turning 30 on the 30th) and I'm throwing a huge 80s party on July 2nd to celebrate. I picked up some sweet old-school stuff at DI today and I'm excited to start ordering party supplies. It's going to be epic. And gnarly, dude.


AnnMarie said...

Sounds like a fun party. Wish I was closer (without the heat though)

JlynTheo said...

For two reasons have I posted said YAY:
1-You posted!! I'm so proud.
2-Your birthday bash is going to be AWESOME!! Or should I say... RAD?!?!?!?!!!