Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mr. President, I SUPPORT YOU

Today was a marvelous day not only in our Country, but in the World. We live in a time in which we see violence as the solution to problems of all types. We see road rage here in America where a person gets shot for driving too slowly, in Iran a woman gets beaten with a stick for showing her face, in China people are beheaded for producing faulty toys and shaming the country. The list goes on and on with examples of senseless and brutal attacks on humanity. This is why I feel so grateful for the outcome of our elections today.

Don't get me wrong, I am a strong conservative voter and things did NOT go as I would have preferred today. The reason I have such feelings of peace is because the American people are not happy with the leadership of our great Nation, or the direction we are headed. They feel the bite of a rough economy, the look of the diplomatic stance of the US, or seeing the lack of respect certain nations have for us in the international arena, and at the perceived lack of progress in a war-torn region under our guidance. The people from California to New York and everywhere in between took these uncomfortable feelings to the polls today, and in a very orderly and peaceful manner let our leaders know what they think.

The voice of the people has been made known. I may not agree with all of the policies or viewpoints of President-Elect Barack Obama, but he will be my president in a few short months and for that deserves my respect.

I have heard from numerous people tonight about their fear of what is going to happen to this country, and that President-Elect Obama will bring about the ultimate destruction of the United States of America as we know it. I say keep your peace. There are still enough patriotic and God-fearing people in this Country that will not stand for things of this nature to occur. I have been told that our Constitution will hang by a thread, and it will be the voice and power of good moral men (and women) that will save it.

The United State Constitution is an inspired document which was written, as I believe, under the direct influence of our Creator and Father in Heaven. He saw our day, He knew the challenges we would face, and He also knew that just as a child who has not been taught proper respect or boundaries the people of this Nation would rebel. Our day of humility is to come, but it does not mean that our day of extinction or destruction is coming in the next four years. The Spirit will stir in the hearts of good men who will be ready and willing to stand and defend the virtues and values to be found in our wonderful constitution.

Take heart, God still loves us even if there are a good number of people in our government who have low moral character. I do not in any way equate the supporters of President-Elect Obama as evil or sending our country down the drain. In fact, I know of many good-hearted, moral, patriotic people that voted for Barack Obama in good conscience.

I love this Nation, and would still choose to live under Her protection even in the rough times over a country in which I was not free. God has blessed us today with peaceful elections and in a few months we will witness a smooth transition of power. In January President George W. Bush will get on a helicopter and leave the White House and President Barrack Obama will take over. We will not see tanks in the streets, there will be no violent clashes with police, and there will be no hostile take-over or political executions to mark the beginning of a new "regime".

I thank the brave soldiers of this and previous generations that made today possible.


Jennifer B said...

Very well said. Thanks for putting your thoughts into words. =)

Hayley said...

Amen to that! I was not too excited about either candidate, but I voted and I felt honor in having the right to do so. I am grateful for democracy and I am amazed at how much progress this nation has made in coming to the point in our history where we can elect an African American as the head of our country. Who knows what will happen next, but I know that although the leadership may have different moral standpoints then me, my morals will not change and I will continue living life in freedom under the protection of God and this great nation.

Traci said...

Greg...very well put! I definitely could not have put my thoughts into words any better than that...thank you.

Michelle said...

Well said. Whenever people begin to say our country is going to fall apart, and feel that this is the beginning of the end, I just remember Pres. Hinckley's admonition to be hopeful. As he said, "things will workout, they always do."
I didn't vote for him either, and I don't agree with a lot of his policies. But I will support him as my president, and continue to love this country as much as ever!

Danielle and Fam said...

I'm with you Greg, although I do expect for the "moral men" to have to make a stand during Pres Elect Obamas service. I plan on supporting our president, with the hopes that he will earn everyones respect!

The Cobb's said...

I completely agree. Although I may not agree with many of his policies or his viewpoints I too choose to support him. We truly are lucky to be able to even have a choice - and for that I am grateful

Roseann said...

Thanks for the insight. I have been seriously struggling with the idea of Obama as our nation's president. I need to try harder to support him in the position to which he has been elected, but that has been very hard for me.

Greg said...

I can COMPLETELY understand that it is difficult to support a President you don't agree with or may not respect. I served under a Commander and Chief who cut the military budget by 40%, dodged the draft by going to Russia, and made a mockery of the Office of The President of The United States with his falsehoods and poor behavior.

This is a totally new found respect and support that has come through a maturing of my awareness of politics and global issues. I don't agree with many viewpoints of President Elect Obama but he holds one of the highest offices in the World, furthermore he was put there by the voice of the people.

steph said...

Greg, I totally agree! (Thnx for checking w/ Janet before making yours a 'invite only blog' jaja! It was great to meet you, and little Chuck! I'm so happy he is doing better!