Sunday, November 23, 2008

Utah Utes MVP

I appreciate my Wifey giving me a night to chill out and let the fumes of Saturday's game dissipate a little.

I have to say that I am very glad that the Utes are going to a BCS Bowl game, that only builds the credibility of the Mountain West Conference (in case having 3 teams in the top 25 teams in the Nation didn't help), plus it will bring in more money for our conference. While my Blue Pride wanted BYU to win this game, I am STOKED for the Utes and all their fans...GREAT SEASON!

Now, on to my topic. I would like to put on my hat as the "Sunday Afternoon Coach" and rant about Max Hall's performance on Saturday.

One of Hall's strong points as a quarterback is that he can thread a needle with his passes. He has the ability to hit a six inch hole with defenders on all sides, and complete a pass to Collie or Pitta when he is being chased down by the defense and everyone is covered by at least 2 defenders. I think he is an outstanding QB, and has Professional level talent. Saturday was proof that the Ute defense was on their A game, forcing 5 interceptions and blocking or batting down even more than that.
This is where Mr. Hall went awry...EMOTION. Max is the leader of the team. He is responsible for having a clear head, guiding his team through the peaks and valleys of the game, and calling plays that will instill confidence and build momentum for his Offense.

Hall started out the game in the deficit however. Before the first kickoff, Utes and Cougars met at the center of the field in heated words and a few shoves. Absolutely shocking to me was that Max Hall, the leader and supposed example to the rest of the Cougars was not trying to break things up, but was being pulled out of the fray by his coach! Then as the first half ended (and in my opinion the beginning of the Y's downfall) after Hall threw yet ANOTHER interception, he was charged with a PERSONAL FOUL for shoving a Ute! Way to lead by example.

You can see by Coach Mendanhall's expression here that he to was not amused.
So, to all you Ute fans out there, please no more snide comments on the dismal Cougar performance...I AM WELL AWARE WE LOST. We are bringing back our team next year, and I am hoping that Bronco can help Max learn from this experience that as the leader of a team there is no room for losing your cool. I think we would have seen a much different game (not saying a win, but maybe a better second half performance) had he kept his head and not gotten caught up in the negative emotions and trash talking.
In all fairness, maybe his wife was sick and in the hospital...or someone kidnapped his uncle and told him the only way to see him alive was if he threw the game...there has to be SOME reason. =)


Michelle said...

What fumes?? I think there may have been a little dancing and singing in the Kemp household(hee, hee). It is fun to see them do so well. I was afraid they didn't have a chance in Provo. As for the'll have to chat with Jon.

Jennifer B said...

It is a little bittersweet. Of course we are blue through & through, but let's be honest the money will be nice for the entire conference. Casey thinks that someone paid Hall off to throw the game. (That being said, not to take anything away from the Utes because they had an amazing game).

Sarah said...

Blah blah blah....Utes won....blah blah blah. The rest doesn't matter. :)

Seriously? How are we even friends? We should have cleared up the whole BYU fan thing up front. It would have helped a lot!

Roseann said...

I am so with you. Good for the conference, sad for us. A friend of mine knows Max Hall, Austin Collie and a few others on the team, and she said that as soon as Max Hall got his personal foul, she knew he wasn't going to do well, because knowing him, they had gotten to him. Kind of sad. Has anyone heard if Unga and Reed are okay?