Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures {Halloween, etc.}

This is for Grandma Barton! She's been dying to see some pictures of the kids at Halloween, so here you go. {They were doctors and accident victims. The boys have some pretty awesome gory temporary tattoos.} And there are some other various pictures from the last couple of weeks as well. Enjoy! :O)

Jamie actually fell asleep with a quesadilla against her cheek. I have no idea why she put it there in the first place!Yes, I even bought scrubs for our sweet Jena. I'll let Greg tell you all about this obsession in another post.Don't you love the way Chuck holds on to Greg's hand? Greg just about loses his finger when he tries to pull it out!Chuck's troubled scowlDoesn't Chuck look like he's wondering, "Why the CRAP did you let Jamie hold me!? She's only THREE!"


The Bennetts said...

My favorites have to be tortilla face and Jamie holding Chuck. So funny! I keep laughing just thinking about them.

The Cobb's said...

Adorable! Chuck is such a cutie!

kassy said...

I am BEYOND happy that you finally let me know you have been stalking me :) And that now I have a way of being in contact with all of you! Your kids are adorable. Haley and Hahnna have grown up so much! And CJ looks just the same but bigger lol I read your birth experience and must I say you are the woMAN! Way to go. Anyway I will stop blabbing. I am keeping you on my list so I will check up often.

Justin and Jessica said...

I'm glad you found us! I'm a huge fan of stalking blogs too. :D
Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween! And I hope you don't mind, I shared a link to Chuck's birth story with a friend of mine who is REALLY hoping to have a VBAC this time around. I really thought she would find it encouraging. :) He's so adorable. (As are all of your sweet kids!) Missed the girls at church last Sunday! Tell them HI!