Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am an avid reader of the Washington County Sherriff's Office bookings site. For some reason I love seeing if anyone I know has been arrested and especially to see what people are getting arrested for.

Tonight I found a first for me. The charge is statute 76-10-1303 Patronizing a Prostitute. WTF!!!??? Here? In little ol' St. George!? And the best part is, not only did I find ONE person who was charged with this, there were FIVE men in Washington County who were arrested and charged with patronizing a prostitute in the past 48 hours. (I must admit my first thought was that the charge was to protect the prostitute, i.e., this definition of patronize: to behave in an offensively condescending manner toward.) :O) I guess on the plus side, all of them were at least remotely attractive.

But the real question here is: How the crap did I miss out on the opportunity to participate in these services!? Either as a prostitute to earn some extra cash or as a patron of said community-building services. I wonder, though, if there was even prostitution going on because I saw no woman (or man for that matter) arrested and charged with prostitution. Does that mean this was an undercover job? Go Washington County Sherriff's Department! Way to catch those bad guys.

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Erika W said...

You know with a title like that, you're gonna get a lot of people looking at your post :)

My dad loves that site! He's constantly calling me to report on people we know in the slammer!