Monday, May 26, 2008

Strawberry Jam

So here's the first sign that Greg is in the kitchen. ALL the cupboards get left open! I don't know if it's a guy thing or a Greg thing, but maybe in his mind it just takes too much time to shut the darn thing, especially when he's busy cooking.

Mmmm...strawberries from Costco. They were SO sweet! And I bought enough for him to make about 20 jars. A bit excessive, you say? Well, my family went through one jar in just over a day, so hopefully this will at least last us through the summer.

Here's Greg shaking the chopped strawberries. C.J. said it makes his face shake when he does it, but that was not quite captured in this picture.

Here are my boys cookin' in the kitchen {but not with Dina}. Interestingly enough, the girls were out working on cleaning the garage while they were making jam. Talk about role reversal! :O)

This is three of the four batches...he was still adding to the fourth when I took the picture.

Boiling the strawberries and all that yummy sugar {I try not to think about how much sugar is actually in it}. Greg has many burns to show from this part of the process. :O(

The finished product! {Minus the jar we already finished, the one in the fridge and the five jars he still has to make from the batch that is sitting in the fridge.}

Yay for homemade strawberry jam!

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