Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is Hannah, one of the older pair; her twin is Hailey. She turned 6 on January 5th and started Kindergarten this year.

Hannah on her first day of Kindergarten.

Here is Hannah's "in-case-you-get-lost" picture. They all happened to look really cute that day!

This picture is from the day she lost her first tooth. I didn't think that was supposed to happen this early!

This is a typical sassy Hannah look. She can be so coy!

And this is what she looks like when you really get her laughing. Good job Deb!


Stephanie said...

Amazing work huh? Okay help me out with the kid thing. YOU HAVE to have twins or I am seeing double! I LOVE LOVE LOVE FUNNY FACE! LOVE. and then some. *sigh*

Janet said...

Yup - I have twins...TWICE! My girls are twins (6), C.J. is a singleton (5) and Anthony and Jamie are twins (3). This one I'm having now is only one. What a good pattern though, huh? 2-1-2-1. :O)