Saturday, May 24, 2008

Swelling :O(

I've had some swelling already in this pregnancy, which I think is directly related to the increased heat lately. Here's what my cute little feet normally look like {sorry for the unpedicured toes...not something you get to do much when you've got five little kids}.

And here's what they looked like last night before I went to bed. I'd been sitting at my computer blogging {entirely too late!} and didn't have my feet elevated. :O(

So now I'm drinking tons of water and making sure I keep my feet up. Greg let me sleep in this morning and then made French toast for breakfast/lunch. :O) Isn't he just the coolest!?

Edit: I updated pictures because these show the true swelling better.


The Dodges said...

I think you look great.
I kind of blog stalked you, I hope thats okay. Your blog looks darling and I am excited to keep in touch.

Janet said...

I'm so happy to get a comment so I know at least someone is reading it. :) I don't mind be blog stalked at all!