Monday, May 26, 2008

Pink eye...or got high?

Greg either discovered the results of rolling a doobie with half marijuana and half oregano, or he has pink be the judge. He's been miserable since Saturday night. He couldn't sleep all night, waking up every 45 minutes. He did not discover why he had such a short night until the next morning when he looked in the mirror and realized he looked like he drank only half of a gin and tonic. We were thinking that the bacteria is to blame for the zit above that same eye as well. :O)

Greg showing us how he feels about having pink eye.... :O(

Unfortunately {or fortunately I guess}, the pink eye bug has already made the rounds in our house. I watch my nephew, Gavin, while my sister works and he brought it to us. All of my kids had it at one point, but only Jamie had it this bad. And I'm thinking it's kind of like chicken pox in that it's worse when you get it as an adult. Either that or Greg is a total wuss! He got it on Memorial Day weekend, which is a bummer because you can't get in to see a doctor for a prescription. We were going to try some natural treatments, but he was just too miserable and we happen to know an M.D. who wrote us a prescription yesterday {Jay's dad}. So after a few drops and some much-needed rest, Greg is feeling much better today. So we're off to the park for a picnic with some family.

Happy Memorial Day! {Is that even okay to say considering why we "celebrate" the "holiday?"}

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